Saturday, 14 April 2012


New sandals from Zara.  Totally in love with both of them.

Part of my closet
Awesome bag from Lupo.  Kind of forgot about it but definitely a great go-to!
Old chandelier with some of my favorite armswag and necklaces

My new Ray Bans and Vogue magazine

Have a lovely weekend and talk to you soon!



  1. Die oude kandelaar als juwelenhouder is een tof idee!

    1. Dank je wel! Hij stond daar maar te staan dus ik dacht, waarom niet!

  2. love your snapshots :)
    lovely armswag-*

    btw, thank you for visiting my blog!
    I am more jealous cuz you live in Europe!
    I love Europe. It's funny that I just watched 'Eat Pray Love' again last night and it reminds me my trip to Europe so much.
    So I just posted some photos of my Florence trip! I am planning to keep posting more of my Europe trip since i miss so bad haha
    Where do you live in Europe?

    Also, thank you for following me.
    I am definitely following you too :)

    Pinkbow Icecream

  3. ohhh yes. I was so happy to meet Julie from Sincerely, Jules.
    she is sooooo nice, friendly and of course stylish!haha

    Pinkbow Icecream


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