Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Youtube Loves

Promised you guys that a few things would change on the blog and that I would also post more about my other interests and loves besides fashion.
One of those things is beauty and make-up.  I remember when I was little I loved secretly using my mom’s blushes and lipsticks, painting my nails, doing my hair and wearing her high heels while playing dress up.  And I still love it every day!
I love getting ready in the morning, I even sometimes first pick my make-up and then choose what to wear with it.
I have learned so much about make-up throughout the years but the biggest inspiration for me still comes from watching beauty gurus on Youtube.
So I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you!  They’re fun to watch, you can learn so much from them and you can discover great new products to try out.
Starting off today with Tatiana from GlamLifeGuru.

I only recently discovered her channel but she already is one of my favorites.  Her videos are fun to watch and you can tell she puts so much effort into them.  They are very informative and well thought through.  She talks about make-up, does reviews, hauls, monthly favorites, hair tutorials, etc… thanks to her I have discovered so many amazing products and new things to try out.  She also is a firm believer, like me, in beauty that comes from inside out.  Meaning that what you eat and drink will reflect on how your skin and hair will look.  So the healthier and more balanced your diet is, the better you will look. I could go on and on about how amazing I think she is but I can also just show you a video so you can find out for yourself.
I decided to share with you one of her latest videos: Big Bouncy Curls – Conair Hot Rollers
When I see this, I kind of feel sad for cutting my hair short J

If you like her please check out her channel: GlamLifeGuru and subscribe!


Hope you guys enjoyed and I’ll talk to you soon.


  1. Ik denk dat ik een nieuwe verslaving gevonden heb. ;-)
    Sequins in a bubble

  2. I didn't know her channel, nice advice she you say seeing this I am feeling sad that I have short hair!

  3. Ja ik ben ook dol op dat soort youtube channels!! Voordat ik blogde zat ik non stop die filmpjes te kijken! Michelle phan is mijn favo!

    xoxo lorena

  4. Wooho so beautiful hair she has :) love her curls!

    Blog: Pearls go chic

  5. Super! Zal me ook op haar filmpjes abonneren. Heb vandaag post geschreven over 'waves' gebaseerd op de filmpjes van Vlogger 'Fleur de Force'. Ken je haar al? Die doet dat ook super!



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